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Susan Burnett’s Splendid Book!

Letter in Daily Mail rotated

A great review of the book in a letter to the Daily Mail recently – shows how my grandfather describes the social history of the times from 1900 – 1920

Five Star Review in Soldier Magazine

Fantastic review of the book in Soldier Magazine: Click here to read the 5* Review in Soldier Magazine

soldier mag review for web site

Great reviews of the book

Reviews of On That Day I Left My Boyhood Behind, by Norman Woodcock & Susan Burnett

As poignant and brutal as War Horse, an incredible story and a very emotional read. The Daily Mail

An excellent new book. Deeply moving The Yorkshire Post

This memoir is a timely reminder of the sacrifice of servicemen during the First World War. Susan’s compilation of the book is wonderful, the provision of historical context enhances her grandfather’s story. Mr Woodcock’s poignant story is a well written, vivid account of his service. The Hon Alexander Downer AC, Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom

A unique and absorbing memoir. A fascinating book, giving an eye-witness account of life on the front line in the First World War. It easily stands alongside other great memoirs from WW1. LoveReading

This is a vivid, heartfelt and impressive account of Norman’s sometimes harrowing adventures, with a real-life ‘War Horse’ story threading through it. How wonderful that Susan has been able to bring this story to a wider audience, 100 years on. Family Tree Magazine

The book is more than just a harrowing memoir, it provides never told before insights into a campaign where precious little first-hand account remains. Susan has lovingly compiled her grandfather’s recollections into this book. Somerset County Gazette

A moving report of what actually happened to Norman and the men he served alongside The Dalesman

Norman Woodcock was one of the fortunate few, a survivor of the Gallipoli campaign. Though still a youngster when demobilised, Woodcock had left his boyhood behind in the bloody Gallipoli landing. Military History Monthly

A moving tribute to the man and to the Gallipoli invasion Chepstow Beacon

Great review of the book on the Love Reading web site:

Click on the screenshot below to read the review of my grandfather’s memoirs on the Love Reading web site:

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Great email about my book talk last night

I’ve had a great email from David Harris who was at my book talk last night:

Message – I came to Brendon Books this evening to listen but not to buy the book (I have so many WW1 books already I have had to give some of them away to school libraries to free up some shelf space). However you made it sound so interesting I succumbed, (unsigned though!). Thank you very much, I know I will enjoy reading it.

There was a good audience – some great questions and I sold plenty of books too – a good evening all round.

Talking at Brendon Books